Bolpur, Birbhum

About 25.2% of Indian population are classified as either schedule caste (SC 16.6%) or schedule tribe (ST 8.6%). A large number of these groups live in the district of Birbhum, West Bengal, particularly around Bolpur, a tourist town in Birbhum. The town is known for cultural activities of Bengal. This group supports the tourist industry by providing low-wage labor and household services. Most of them are poor and do not have any first generation school education. This is another place Society for Equitable Voluntary Actions (SEVA) extended their services by offering pre-school education to the SC and ST, and other distressed children. Generally, SEVA gets the space for the education from local “Gram Panchayet” (village union) at no cost.

 SEVA PATHKENDRA, Bolpur, Birbhum, West Bengal

Name of Village




Nurpur10 –21266
Mahula16 – –16610
Lohagarh11 –21349

SC=Schedule caste, ST=Schedule tribe, GEN=General
Stat. May, 2019

IKP Foundation support: Pre-school education to 53 children in four villages and prepare them to continue the education in school (see table).

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