Banagram, Burdwan

Banagram is a village south of city Bardhaman (formerly Burdwan) , West Bengal. Agriculture is the major source of income. But, like many villages in India education is not a priority among the farming people. Children often work in the field and has no basic education. Many farmers even do not have their own land and live below the poverty level. This causes extreme stress to their family life. Children either are neglected or become orphan. In 1978, few Swamijis (Hindu saints) with the help of some philanthropists established a center named Paramananda Mission to support the children with food, shelter, and education. At present, the Mission has a school (K to grade 10) and a residential place to accommodate 350 orphan boys of different social and religious backgrounds. Not all boys are local, some came from different geographic locations of eastern India. The school is also attended by more than 500 underprivileged boys and girls living around the village. The Mission also provides medical support to the children and villagers at no coast. To the members of IKP Foundation these activities are remarkable, making the mission an organization with ideal setup for caring underprivileged children. Instead of donating to any specific activities, the Foundation provides them financial support that can be used as they believe best. The amount could be equated to supporting about 30 resident children in the Mission.

IKP Foundation support: Contributes to common fund to support education, food, shelter, and healthcare.

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