Atghara, 24-Parganas (N)

The project is managed by an organization named Society for Equitable Voluntary Actions (SEVA) based in Kolkata, West Bengal. It was established on 1985 with a slogan of “Together We Can”. Their project in the village of Atghara, North 24-Parganas, West Bengal is close to the border of Bangladesh. SEVA has three buildings in an area of few acres of land. One of the buildings is used for 19 resident girls of ages 1 month to 18 years, and 14 adult women of ages 20 to 36 years. These young girls and women were under extreme financial and emotional distress condition when SEVA offered them food, shelter, and healthcare. Unlike most orphan-care centers, this combination of children and adult women living together in Atghara created an outstanding family (symbiotic) environment that worked for both. It also helped the young girls to understand the pain of rejection of adult women from their families. Children attend local public school and enjoy many cultural activities they organize themselves. In one dance drama presented to the IKP Foundation members, the young girls beautifully expressed girls’ power and determination to be self-sufficient. While senior students mentor younger girls in education, they also get coaching from local teachers. On October 01, 2019 IKP Foundation funded SEVA with a computer and related accessories, web access, training service to make sure children are familiar with modern age technologies.

IKP Foundation support: Food for resident children (19) and adult women (14), all are in extreme distressed condition. Provides technology support for computer education.

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